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Computers may be phenomenally useful, however there is a massive – and I mean massive – resistance into their introduction in the workplace, even now in the 21st Century!

For example, take the NHS. Although countless lawsuits against the NHS have highlighted the necessity for clear and precise recording of patient data, and although the Labour Governments restructuring of the service to run more economically requires clinical staff to clearly and precisely record their work in order to support their services raison d’etre, there is still a psychological barrier against the use of IT systems among this professional community.

Why is this? What is there to fear from a PC? Do we fear pens? Do we fear cars? Do we fear electric drills or laser pointers?

I suppose it is possible that this absurd fear stems from a reluctance to engage in any fom of cybernisation – but if this is true then these people who are frankly guilty of holding back the NHS and indirectly affecting patient care should hand in their mobile phones.

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