Well, in two days Ceri and I get married! It has got me thinking, looking back over the last 30 years, what have I actually done with my life?
These things I’m most proud of:
School – visited Boulogne, Germany and French Alps
College – visited Paris, Canet on French South coast
College – Film Studies

Left school with 9 GCSEs all A,B, or C, and attained three A level passes, B, D and E.

Worked for about 9 years almost continually.

Wrote loads of songs, some of which are quite good, developed a website, started writing a book

Given up smoking

Introduced a level of focus into my life.

And of course, I met Ceri. So I would be adding Saturday’s events to this list. And I have to say, Ceri is an absolutely superb woman. I can’t express just how much I love her, and on Saturday I will be the proudest man on the planet.

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