I propbably shouldn’t dwell on it as I have a whole other website dedicated to it – but Doctor Who returns on Christmas Day with a new adventure The Christmas Invasion. It will be David Tennant’s first adventure as the Doctor and i fully expect to be sat in front of the TV with various relatives – including my Dad who got me started on the show back in the late 1970s – munching Christmas treats.

So let’s sit and watch Doctor Who on Sunday, but don’t forget that Christmas isn’t about gifts. That’s just consumerism at its most vulgar. Christmas is about spending time with our families and loved ones, and we should remember that although the world has moved on technologically in the last 2000 years, it isn’t very different.

We still distrust politicians, we yearn for peace and we all just want to be happy. Perhaps in another 2000 years we will be able to meet our technological advances with emotional and social maturity.

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