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Well, the heavy work is almost done – the content from and as well as my efforts (mainly Led Zeppelin Love) have now been archived here, and what a big job that was!

Shortly the URLs for the above blogs will point back here, where I’ll start blogging about pretty much anything – but usually straying pretty close to music, comedy and gadgets.  I might even throw in a few thoughts about the art of blogging – like I’m an expert, LOL…

Everything here at my home blog will continue to exist as an archive of all of my work online work, and link to the work I submit to (as this cannot be reproduced.

I had a lot of fun writing Quintessential Comedy and The Gadget Monkey over the last 18 months, but they’re two very different blogs with two completely polar problems – QC is a small player in a small sphere, and The Gadget Monkey started off reviewing Nokias and ended up obsessed with Windows Mobile.

Nothing wrong with that as it followed my own course of interest; however the time has come to bring everything home!

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