o2 have just announced their rebranding of the HTC Advantage, known as the o2 Flint.

It comes with Windows Mobile 6.1 installed, and although 13×10 cm is a little bigger than a HTC Touch Diamond, I really must get myself one.  On paper however, it really isnt that much bigger than an iPhone or my previous MDA Vario II from T-Mobile.

The problem is, o2 have it on their Business Customers range – so will I be able to get it as an upgrade for a domestic customer?

And if I am able to upgrade, what do I do with the Diamond?  Will I be wandering around with a very compact WinMo device and a larger PDA/laptop?  Apparently the phone doesn’t integrate too well with the rest of the HTC Advantage… but how does that really differ from any other WinMo device?

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