So – my new, personal home on the web at last!

Unlike my main professional homepage,, this is a place for musings, trying out ideas and generally keeping track of the projects I’m working on.

They’re easy to lose track of as it is – I daresay it will bring back memories in a few years time to recall that in early 2010 I was:
Awaiting artwork for two fan made Doctor Who comic strips that I’ve scripted
Awaiting a copy of Vworp Vworp volume one which features a third strip by me
Beginning the editing of a collection of old and new material from, concerning the Russell T Davies era of Doctor Who
Outputting around 40 articles a month for
Trying to find a new artist to work with on a story set in the Valvestate, a parallel world/fiction universe which I’ve developed.
Updating with some of my best content

…and several other things.

I’m hoping to start recording some music later this year – I’ll be uploading this stuff along with content from my previous personal blog and my old Led Zeppelin Love blog.