A curious phenomenon has been taking place recently, one which I feel slightly neurotic about.

In the past 3 months I’ve submitted around half a dozen adverts to Craigslist and FreelanceJobOpenings.com – and not one of these ads has been published.

Given that I’m in the process of hiring contributors for The Gadget Monkey, Quintessential Comedy and Cult Britannia, this is of course a major problem, one that has lead me to consider on more than one occasion that there is a grudge.

I’m pretty sure that the chances of someone with a problem towards me or my blogs working on both Craigslist and FreelanceJobOpenings.com are pretty low, however.

What is most frustrating is that I had success back in 2008 with advertising on Craigslist and it seems strange that such a popular, free service would refuse to publish after a submission has been made that supplies all required fields.

Next week I will be trying out the Problogger.net job board – and expecting much better results!