As champions of the Windows Mobile platform at The Gadget Monkey, the world seemed to stop spinning earlier this week when the annoyingly named Windows Phone 7 Series was unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Speaking as a WinMo user, I was expecting Microsoft’s promises of a radical overhaul to be fulfilled (while bracing myself for a let down) – but the UI (known as “Metro”) for the Windows Phone 7 Series is far beyond my wildest dreams, with the adoption of the Zune HD user interface philosophy with traditional WinMo elements such as Office and the address book feeling like a marriage to a very comely virgin.

Here’s a man whose stylistic influence on Metro might just inspire a cultural revolution:

The stakes are high of course – Windows Mobile’s market has been shrinking of late, and Microsoft are insisting on a high-end minimum hardware spec for Windows Phone 7 Series, with only the HTC HD2 and a future release from Samsung so far confirmed as suitable.

Obviously this is very exciting news – there is so much to enthuse about from the way social networking is effortlessly integrated in a new and interesting way to the presentation of information in easy to view, constantly updated widgets. Except they aren’t widgets as they are part of the UI.

This ultimate comparison (to date) between Metro and the Apple iPhone OSX is a good read – but whatever your feelings on the future of Apple and Microsoft’s mobile platforms, two things are clear:

  1. The iPhone UI suddenly looks old
  2. Engadget and Gizmodo both loved Metro

Meanwhile, get a better look at the best UI ever on a Windows Mobile Phone at www.windowsphone7series.com.