While introducing the iPad to the world, Steve Jobs said “The problem with netbooks is that they’re not good at anything.” It’s true: netbooks come with some severe limitations. If all you’re interested in is accessing the web, then you don’t really need a lot of power for that, do you? Well, what if you want that power back? Enter the Aegis NetDock. Assuming your netbook has standard USB ports, the Aegis will plug in and give you several new options that your tiny little email reader didn’t have before. It has a built in CD/DVD drive, 4 USB ports with 2 that remain on even when you’re not connected, and an optional 500 GB harddrive.

So, if you’re feeling a little buyers remorse over your netbook purchase, or if you know someone who has a netbook but just wants a bit more of a kick, the Aegis from Apricorn Products will connect you to a whole new world of options.