When you log on to your favorite blog or website many know how to use the social bookmarking buttons on the site.  With just a click of a mouse you can easily share your favorite picture, news story and everything in between.  But what if you could make your own button or “badge” to connect people directly to your website?

Well AVG along with others (the CDC and Hearts and Hands For Haiti) is doing just that.  If you are a fan of the this computer security company, you can now show your support on your website.  They have started making custom social media badges which, “allows you to customize the design to create your own personalized version (how fun!), which you can then share on your blog, website or email footer.”

A New Way to Get Fan’s Engaging
It seems in the social media circle the word engage has been thrown around a lot.  That is the whole point of social media after all—to get people engaging. With the advent of social media sharing buttons it made it that much easier to share your favorite website with your friends.

Allowing your favorite followers to customize their own social media badge to show support for your website is an excellent idea.  What better way to get people engaging then letting them create a unique badge for their website?

Adding Personality
Another great part of social media is it allows companies to be more personable.  The success of social media quizzes and fan pages have proven people like to interact with companies.  AVG is doing the same allowing their customers customize their own badge.

It’s Fun
For us computer geeks, getting the chance to create your own social media badge is fun.  The same reason people like taking online quizzes—it’s fun.  If you can do something to promote your company / personal website, and people are having fun, well that seems to be the icing on the cake.

People want to be entertained it’s just how we are—just look at how technology has grown in the past 5 years.  We can access the Internet just about everywhere as well as download your favorite TV show on the go.  Allowing your fans to get involved and be creative is just one of the best ways to get your name out there.  And who says it can’t be fun?