The find of a next-generation iPhone in a bar has been shrouded in skepticism and controversy, but recently Gizmodo got their hands on the device and did a full examination of it including a call to Apple who said that a prototype was, indeed, missing. The new iPhone model has a lot of things that costumers have been asking for, including a front-side camera, a flash for the back-side camera, a higher resolution screen and a micro-sim card. What’s very interesting is its industrial design.

Gone are the smooth curves and seamless sides we’ve seen in previous models. But that doesn’t mean the new iPhone G4 looks bad. In fact, the finished quality of this new design looks perfectly shiny (with apologies to Firefly). If people were starting to lose interest in the iPhone, this is definitely the device that will bring them right back. Check out Gizmodo’s writeup to see their full findings and conclusions.

SOURCE: Gizmodo