Get set for a “3D summer” as Samsung and their main rivals LG, Panasonic and Sony embark on a rarely seen furry of electronics marketing to promote 3D TV sets across Europe and North America.

In the UK, Samsung 3D TVs went on sale this week with an £8m ad campaign launching during Champion’s League semi-final European football coverage, and all this is set to run on for 3 months – and that’s just Samsung!

Taking 8 months to produce, the advert – below – required a massive 81 crew members and utilized 1,256 genuine LED 3D TVs to create the amazing effects such as a representation of South America’s Iguazu Falls plunging into a city centre.

“The campaign really captures the spirit of 3D TV and brings to life the amazing experience the technology can deliver”

“The launch of the first 3D TV in the UK is such a culturally significant event, we needed to do it justice with a visually exciting campaign that captures the audience’s imagination and feel we have done exactly that. Creatively it’s a new direction for Samsung and one that’s close to my own heart,”

said Mikah Martin-Cruz, Samsung’s marketing director and the man behind some of the Sony Bravia ads.

The Samsung 3D TV advert is jaw dropping – the summer of 3D is just beginning…