For several years, BumpTop has existed as an OS shell program that turns your desktop into a 3D, real desktop environment in which you can play around with icons and files the same way you would on your wood and metal desk. The upside is that it’s really fun to play around with and a very visceral experience for the user, but the downside is that it requires some pretty hefty graphics processing and it’s an experience that’s so completely different that some people have trouble adjusting.

Recently, it was bought out by Google while at the same time telling its users that, as of July 1, it will no longer be available for purchase or download. This is a very interesting move for Google. They have been talking about developing a tablet PC for a long time now, and acquiring a company that specializes in an awesome GUI experience tells a fascinating tale. Perhaps the Chrome OS tablet will be running an interface similar to BumpTop? Google’s future has never been more fascinating!

SOURCE: Mashable