Mobile phone recylcing in IrelandGetting rid of an old mobile phone? There are several choices available to you, each preferable to just chucking your phone in a drawer or bin.

Throwing away old mobile phones is an ecological disaster waiting to happen – with batteries left in the disposed handsets, there is every chance that in future the batteries that are already in landfills will react with gases and other matter. Similarly, the increasingly common use of high resolution LCD screens can, if not treated in the right way, lead to a potentially devastating environmental challenge.

One way around this is mobile phone recycling – a simple and cost-effective way to dispose of your mobile phone, for money, and be certain that it is going to be broken down into its constituent parts and safely disposed.

While there are many ways to make money online, taking advantage of mobile phone recycling services also gives you the advantage of a bit of extra cash in your pocket to put towards your next mobile purchase.

The importance of disposing of mobile phones in the right way has become an increasingly popular and important part of the life-cycle of any purchase – within the packaging of new mobile phones you will regularly find a recycle bag, for you to safely send your old phone away to be responsibly broken down.

Charities meanwhile offer a third way – mobile phones donated to them are either sold on or shipped to Third World countries. However this option isn’t perfect. While it might provide a technological advantage to the population in question, there is little available information as to how a phone in such an environment might be correctly disposed.

Three choices – but we would recommend you take the cash option…