As a regular user of HTC phones over the years, I’ve got my eye on a HTC HD2 – something I consider to be something of a “wonder phone”. Of course, I’ve already priced up a couple of options, and I’m looking forward to some widescreen phone fun with the best current version of Windows Mobile (ie, a cooked ROM).

In fact its pretty much in the bag, so I’ve started shopping around for various HTC HD2 Accessories. I’m a big believer in expanding the available memory and taking as much of my MP3 collection with me, as well as a good selection of apps. An expansion card is always an important purchase for a new phone, but equally is a charger.

Neither of my last two phones have had suitable desktop charger – in fact I wish users had been provided with something a bit more like the USB HTC HD2 Desktop Charger.

Along with a sturdy case (either silicon or a bulkier but more satisfying leather affair) I’ll also be equipping my wonder phone with a HTC HD2 Screen Protector. All that finger tapping and sliding across screen deposits a great deal of grease on the screen, which then needs to be cleaned off. Protection from scratches is of course paramount – I don’t want to get such a great phone covered in blemishes.