The Apple iPhone 4 - girls love it

I’ve always felt that the hardcore mobile phone market – the one the developed from the PDA/smartphone users as opposed to the Nokia kids – was pretty partisan. For instance, I’ve been literally dragged from using my Windows Mobile to use an Android phone. Similarly, an old friend of mine won’t touch anything other than a BlackBerry.

Although relatively new, Android phones were attracting the same sort of dedicated, evangelical users before the first HTC Dream/G1 was even available to buy!

So it came as some surprise to find that a good friend of mine had traded in his brand new HTC Desire in order to jump on the Apple iPhone 4 train to super coolness and uber-styledom.

This friend – who will remain nameless for fear of recriminations from the Geek Police – had previously owned the HTC Dream and saw the HTC Desire as the perfect Android device that it is.

What prompted his decision to throw away what is to all intents and purposes the best phone on the planet at the moment at the moment in favour of the most stylish, awe-inspiring and marketable second-best phone?

A girl.

Seriously. I could hardly believe it myself, but it’s true.

He’d met this girl at a party recently after finishing a particularly lucrative contract, and she had apparently become insistent that he ditch the Android in favour of a brand new Apple iPhone 4. She even made him do it offered to take him to the local mobile store in order that he would feel “at one” with the mobile technology that he should be using.

Now this has been related to me by a third party, so I’m not entirely sure of the veracity of all of this. However, I it seems that they’ve now moved in together, if the number of happy emails with the prologue “Sent from my iPhone 4″ are anything to go by.

Of course, the thing is, if the above account is true, the lady concerned made a big song and dance of actually going to a high street branch in order to sell the experience and the phone to my friend. He could have shopped online, such as at

So the moral of this story? Android phones are pretty cool, but girls really love the Apple iPhone 4!