Do you want to win £40000?

I can’t think of anyone who would say “no” to that, and thanks to PayPal it can be done really easily, just by making a purchase!

I’m already making a list of a few useful extras I might spend it on, like a trip to somewhere warm, a new hi-def LCD (preferably a Samsung LED display) or even a new laptop.

However what I would really like to do is spend the £40,000 – which comes as a salary so it would be about 3k per month – on living the dream in a nice sunny Portuguese villa while I write the odd blog post and get to work on my novel. With that amount of cash coming in, plenty of regional food and a trip to the beach twice a day, it shouldn’t take me too long to finish off the world of intrigue and deceit in the international thriller currently known as “Eric’s Novel”.

You can find out more about the weekly draw below – but basically all you need to do is buy something! It might be anything – and as we’re The Gadget Monkey, I would recommend something from a website like

As you probably know, has a lot of cool gear – but as Christmas is coming and you want somewhere to slap a few PayPal purchases on, here’s 5 top picks:

  1. Big Trak – the legendary 1980s  programmable tank with a photon cannon is back!
  2. MiLi iPhone Projector – wow, now this is a cool tool that lets you project the display from your iPod Touch or iPhone. Great for sharing images or demoing apps.
  3. For hardcore photography fans, the Negative Film Scanner (just a penny under £60) lets you digitize slides and negatives to your PC or Mac.
  4. The Immortal Video Sunglasses will add another nice chunk to your PayPal bill – they feature a 3MP lens and 4GB of storage for recording any cool stuff you get up to
  5. Don’t leave without checking out Robonova I, the amazing remote controlled walking, cartwheeling, dancing, flipping, running robot with the hefty price tag standing 30.5cm tall.

For your chance to win forty grand thanks to PayPal (don’t forget to check terms and conditions) visit
right now!

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