For quite some time now, The Gadget Monkey has widened its scope to take into account the developing sector of affordable green technology. These pieces of kit might be aimed at saving a rainforest or making it more efficient to charge a mobile phone – either way, it’s a start.

Naturally we’re not alone in this – Open Planet Ideas is a scheme backed by Sony and WWF which intends to get people thinking about some of the issues that challenge us all, and come up with a means of facing this challenge using currently available technology. It’s quite marvellous to see Sony backing this sort of project, and their support goes beyond lending their name to backup their green credentials (which in fairness are pretty extensive). Sony will be devoting research and development time to the winning concept, and what makes this scheme even more impressive is that the winning device or idea will be made open source; Sony won’t be profiting directly from it.

Like me, you can join the challenge by paying a visit to the Open Planet website. Right now you can find ideas for recycling, making our world a cleaner place and even using rain as a power source…

You’re probably wondering just what my idea for Open Planet’s innovation scheme is, right?

Well, it’s one that combines the need to take advantage of the natural resources that we take for granted with the need to charge a mobile phone on a daily basis. After all, there’s no reason to plug it in every night if it would be cheaper and more efficient to charge your mobile using the rain!

So by combining the two currently available technologies of solar power and piezoelectric material, a small all-weather charging panel could be created, ideal for regular visitors to Glastonbury and other European music festivals.

The great thing about the idea (if I may say so myself!) is that it is scalable – it has possibilities beyond music festivals and can be used to deliver electricity to remote island areas as well as reduce the mobile phone charging footprint in the UK.

To read the idea in full and leave your own feedback, you’ll need to head on over to the Open Planet Ideas page and check it out.

Find Out More About Open Planet Ideas

This is such a good scheme, one that simply isn’t worth missing. Whether you have an idea of your own or not, you’ll appreciate that any outcome from this can only be good!

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