When I made the switch from “slave to the grind” to “free man” I had intended to spend a lot more time updating this blog.

Oh well. While that clearly hasn’t happened yet I do have time to talk about the current status of some projects. Still the main priority is Ultimate Regeneration, the finished cover of which I am expecting to be delivered this weekend. At this point I will be dropping all other activity to make sure all copies are dispatched to the pre-order buyers before adding links to the full-priced version which will be available on Amazon. There will also be an eBook version at some point.

One thing I have noticed over the last few days is that I only seem able to deal with a single additional project at this time. I have a list as long as your arm for projects and ideas I want to develop, and with the book out of the way I intend to do this by getting to work on one or two works that might be reasonably termed “properties”.

A problem with this is that I can’t work on some of these in solitude, so I will be looking for an illustrator to perhaps go 50-50 with.

More on that another time…

Last of all – Quintessential Comedy is still with us. Remarkably, despite it being written off by me several months ago the site still exists thanks to the ineptitude of 123-reg to accept domain cancellations and various parties emailing me with review requests and links.

Recently reviewed have been Simon Amstell and Dara O’Briain’s new live DVDs, with Michael McIntyre, Sean Lock and Bill Bailey still to come…

Oh and finally, Merry Christmas!

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