Blimey, there goes another month of big plans and little to show for it!

Not strictly true in the larger scheme of things, but certainly in terms of this particular blog.

(Re: the larger scheme of things, I’ve got shelves up in my office, I’m clearing our spare bedroom and work has been constant, with a couple of VERY interesting projects in the offing.)

So while I was planning nobly to spread my slight knowledge about writing and blogging for all the world to see (and hopefully the guys that I work with on Kasterborous and Cult Britannia) on something relating to a regular basis in the last post, this sadly hasn’t transpired just yet.

On the plus side, however, it’s a new month which means new rules, and hopefully the final publishing of Ultimate Regeneration, which has seen delays based on artist availability and now, unbelievably, printer unavailability.

Thankfully we now have a new printer, a quote, money transferring and artwork all shipping over to them right now, so with that “little” project out of the way – and many lessons learned – it’s a good time to move on with things.