At the moment, 3DTV remains an expensive option for increasing your viewing satisfaction.

Blu-Ray hasn’t taken off as we had originally anticipated, despite a sharp decrease in price of both units and actual discs. So can we expect 3DTV to actually take off?

Late last year, I went to the cinema to see Jackass 3D. This was to be my first ever 3D movie at a conventional cinema, and I was truly surprised at how well it worked.

Seeing an image in 3D isn’t simply looking at something in higher definition – you are actually interacting with the movie. There are segments within these 3D films which are specifically designed to make something appear to come out of the screen.

But are we really going to sit in glasses at home?

The answer is probably no. Sony and Toshiba have ploughed millions of US Dollars into researching glasses-free 3D television, with some success. Toshiba showcased the REGZA, which used 9 different perspectives and lenticular lenses to portray this 3 dimensional image.

There are a couple of drawbacks. The REGZA is only available in 12-inch and 20-inch models, which require the viewer to be sat directly in front, at a maximum distance of two and three feet away respectively. The launch, at present, is limited to Japan only, with a European and American version unlikely.

It is seen as more of a benchsetter, to which Sony showcased their 3D-glasses-free experience. This video shows that the viewer doesn’t actually need to be sat directly in front of the television set to achieve the 3D experience.

All we know so far is that consumers worldwide are considering the race for no-glasses 3D technology to be a momental one, which could be worth a small fortune to the company that cracks it first.