Interactive magazine for iPads with Appazine

If you’ve been waiting for a new way to enjoy reading magazine-style content on your iPad that breaks away from the current model of a touch-sensitive webpage in favour of something that might be described as offering genuine interaction with the content, then Swiss company Ringier might just have the answer.

Their Appazine software is designed to produce exactly that, an iPad application that can be used to produce a tablet-based magazine with high design and production standards, with a quality CMS interface (known as “Made in Switzerland”) and provides a means to really get your hands dirty. It’s a tool that will deliver astonishing, photo-based content with linked overlays, as you can see with the image of HRH Prince William above.

The snap above, incidentally, comes from The Collection, a remarkable digital publication that showcases exactly what you can do with Ringier’s Appazine software. All manner of gestures are supported, with the aim being that the user will find something new, interesting and surprising on every page that they view.

Other potential uses of this system include the displaying of panoramic photography, 3D digital animation and much more, and with the interactive aspect of the iPad brought to the forefront, you could find yourself viewing the subject of an article in The Collection from any of the available 360 degrees. You might even engage in a spot of hands-on interaction with a featured activity or simply sit back and be entertained by the cutting edge quality and design that the Appazine CMS permits.

This is exciting stuff, just the kind of content that modern portable devices should be capable of!

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