Now you see what’s happened, don’t you? I make plans, and then I can’t fulfil them thanks to the various demands of life, finding crap websites to read and other distractions.

In truth, of course, I’ve been decorating a nursery as well as working very hard to make sure things are comfortable when the babies come.

That was the plan, at least. As it turns out, thanks to the way I work and the Google “panda bomb” it isn’t really going to work out that way. Rather, any extra work I do will only improve existing content on Bright Hub which will benefit me later on, rather than straight away.

Luckily, other projects are on the horizon with at least Project: KMag soon demanding my direct attention. In fact next week I need to take a day out of writing to attend to other projects and planning.

Such days always felt like a risk as I regularly feel uncomfortable if I’m not doing something that is generating income in real time…