Veebeam HD streamingI’m slap-bang in the middle of building a new media centre that will allow me to watch web-based streamed content on my TV, but it seems that I should have waited for Veebeam, an impressive piece of hardware that is designed for streaming downloaded and live content from your PC or Mac (Windows 7, Vista and Mac OS X 10.5 and later are supported) to your TV in high definition.

There are obvious advantages in watching web-based content on your living room TV rather than crouched over a laptop or on your desktop computer in your study, and Veebeam is designed to bring high quality and high definition videos and streamed content from the web (sites like YouTube, the BBC iPlayer service, Hulu, and so on) onto your TV by means of a wireless USB dongle and a stylish box for receiving and displaying images.

Many home theatre enthusiasts are already in the process of cutting costs and opting to drop Sky in favour of a combination of foreign satellites carrying many of the same channels and online streaming services, and with the proliferation in online video rentals (most notably thanks to Netflix, Lovefilm and soon YouTube) the whole idea of purchasing a television package could be a thing of the past. Indeed, without a change in legislation, the UK TV licence fee could be avoided thanks to hardware like Veebeam and a large LCD computer display. Veebeam also streams audio and still images to your TV, ideal for maintaining a media centre setup without the media centre!

VeebeamFor instance, you can save a packet streaming football from overseas websites to your PC; by sending this to your home TV to enjoy you’ll be able to have a few friends around to enjoy the match rather than watch it on your own on a relatively small notebook.

Veebeam is available for just £139 in the UK, and you can buy it now from the official website or even head to Amazon to check out the reviews.

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