If you’ve ever wanted to manage your own TV channel, you might have missed the boat somewhat when it comes to getting a licence from OFCOM, but there is always the web…

Following in the self-broadcasting steps pioneered by YouTube and Ustreeam comes Streamago from Tiscali, a great new way to turn your computer webcam, iPhone or iPad into your own tv studio, allowing you to share your thoughts with the world, communicate recent news or even broadcast performances by yourself and any collaborators.

The backing of Tiscali for the Streamago service looks set to benefit both parties, but the real bonus in this new launch is the mobile support, beginning with the iOS devices from Apple.

Using the apps for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad 2, you can literally webcast yourself from anywhere in the world. This system is the only one that allows you to send in real time, and your footage will remain available to see later on via the Tiscali-powered Streamago website where 10 GB of storage is reserved for each user.

Streaming live events with Streamgo.tvIn addition, there are various tools that can be used while you’re preparing and even broadcasting your video. These can be used while the footage is streaming from your computer or device, and offer some pretty cool visual features.

For instance, you can add a still image into the corner of your feed, offering the sort of picture-in-picture that news organizations include in their broadcasts. You can also setup captions that display on the feed with a single mouse click, and the webpage or app-based console also provides options for altering your camera quality and aspect ratio and selecting input sources for cameras and microphones.

All in all, Streamago is a much more polished solution than anything else that is currently available, and has every chance of become the de facto solution for anyone who wants to do some webcasting!

As you can see from this clip that went out live on Streamago, it really is quite good!


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