Honda - The Power of Dreams

Combining the mundane with the stunning, the everyday with the remarkable and cars with real life documentaries is the name of the game for Honda at the moment, who are continuing their successful sponsorship of UK Channel 4’s popular documentary series with a new series of mini-documentaries, sponsorship idents (small clips between shows and the main commercial breaks) and even an online hub this year.

Readers in the UK will have seen the familiar “Documentaries on 4, sponsored by Honda” strapline, and this recognition will be used to further Honda’s presence on the fourth channel with a series of short films featuring owners who use their vehicles in interesting ways – such as Philippa, the alpaca breeder in Oxfordshire (itself quite unusual) who uses her trusty Honda ATV to herd and tend to her animals.



It’s a great concept, and one that looks a great fit for Channel 4 viewers. Brought to the screen by Hollie Newton of major advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy, the whole idea of people-centric, car-based promotional clips that probably won’t bear particular relevance to the main show is a great one, and of course continues a trend on TV to move away from in-your-face adverts in favour of material with relevance, a move that W+K have been involved with for a while.

While it might be too late for the rest of us to get featured in this series of films (or just get our mugs on Channel 4!) there are of course many ways in which a Honda can be used.

For instance, sadly no one will be making any documentaries out of my uncle’s use of a Honda Civic which for years took him to and from his role as a gardener for a local estate, or of our local midwife whose Honda CR-Z has taken her to many home births in the area. While it might seem a little sporty for a midwife, the CR-Z certainly helps her to make the deliveries on time!

Watch out for Honda’s new series of before-, mid- and after-show indents on Channel 4 documentaries soon.

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