Relive great hands with PokerReplay!Ideal for fans of online poker, Poker Replay is a brand new online service that lets you relive your greatest hands. While this might sound like a tool purely for narcissist poker fanatics, the service also offers a particular strategic advantage.

Sure, there’s no cheating involved, but by being able to record your hands you can revisit them later on and assess your performance. Naturally there is a particularly key aspect of luck to poker – but as any experience player will know, timing and skill also play a massive part.

The whole concept is pretty simple: you use the Poker Replay service to login to your existing account on pretty much any popular poker website (such as, for instance) and use this to then record and later analyse your game. You can also use the information to compile data on your best performances and simply relive the games for fun.

Heading over the Poker Replay site right now will give you the added bonus of being able to enter into a contest or two…

Record online poker sessions with PokerReplay!First of all, if you head over to and signup, you will be automatically entered into a t-shirt competition. Winning is simple – once you gain 200 comments on your Poker Replay video you get to win a limited edition t-shirt designed exclusively for Poker Replay by Serge Birault!

Meanwhile, and on a much larger scale, PokerReplay’s social aspect comes into play once again with their Buy-In contest, where the 50 members with the most subscribers or Twitter followers between June 1st and July 31st get a free entry into the PokerReplay Titan Poker game.

These lucky winners will then get to take part in free contests known as Freerolls, where 12 months of access will be awarded to the Fervour Sunday game on Titan Poker, 3 times per month. With guaranteed prizes of €50,000, this is an impressive way in!

Now, if you’re thinking “yep: sounds good, but how does it work?” then here’s the rub – PokerReplay is really easy to use. You’ll need an existing online poker account with any of the supported game sites (and judging by the list they’re almost all there) and then the free Beta-stage PokerReplay software, available via the Download Software link throughout the website (in the upper-left portion of the screen).

This video shows just how easy it is to use Poker Replay.

Once installed, the software will auto-load, and ask you to sign-in, and then you will be ready to capture and record your games, editing them later and posting them to your Poker Replay wall to share with other gamers – great stuff, and very easy to use!

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