Some of the first things that can be hit in an economic squeeze are nights out to the cinema, gigs or to restaurants – which can leave you in a bit of a fix for something to do on an evening or weekend.

Obviously buying a DVD and ordering a pizza is a top option, as is switching on your PC or games console and enjoying some top video gaming action.

But if you can afford new games then you can afford to hit the town, right?


There so many ways in which you can find great gaming titles at discount prices, both online and offline, and this is a great way to save money while maximizing entertainment.


Probably the most obvious place to check for games, you can get great deals on both new and used titles if you know exactly where to look. Whether or not these titles are what you’re looking for or not is another matter entirely, of course, but at least you have the option of buying from third party private sellers, where the prices will be much lower than buying games new. You’ve got an Amazon account, right? No?! Then head over to or to sign up today!


If you’re a PC or Mac user and don’t already have a Steam account, then you should head over to right now and sign up. Using this direct download service and community allows you to find and purchase games from big-name publishers and excellent indie titles, and these can have some very low prices if you happen to purchase during one of the service’s many offer periods. You’ll be notified of these via the email address you use to sign up.


Like Steam, Direct2Download offers a wide selection of games for PC and Mac that can be purchased and downloaded via the web rather than bought on disc from Amazon or a similar service. Also like Steam, Direct2Download features special offers from time to time. Find out more at

Offline Sales

Your final option will be to head to your local video game store, which might be a big chain or a private business, and see what they have on offer.

One of the recent trends in video game stores is that they all seem to offer a swaps and sales model, whereby anyone can take their old games and sell them for credits for a new title. This makes getting your hands on the latest games very easy, especially if you have enough older titles! Games brought in as swapped are then resold, usually at a lower price.

With so many ways to get hold of cheap games, staying in is bound to be the new going out…