Well, it’s a bit of a sad way to continue my intention of more regular posts here but it seems that one of my main income streams is set to be considerably reduced.

Bright Hub has decided that it is no longer publishing new content – certainly not using its previous model – and as of this month they will be paying no more revenue share.

This is a big shame, not just for me but for many writers who have been using Bright Hub as a source of income over the past few months and years. Certainly just a year ago things were looking very strong with improvements in quality and pay, and as a senior writer at the site I had the opportunity to earn a little more than most others.

However it is time to move onwards and upwards – dwelling on disappointment isn’t going to help anybody. Bright Hub has done what it needs to do to survive in a post-Panda world (we can place a good deal of the blame for this decision on Google’s life-destroying algorithm changes) and I wish them the very best.

Fortunately I had been planning a widening of my income streams for some weeks and having recently been accepted by a couple of respected names online I’m looking forward to stretching my writing chops in some new and interesting directions.

I’m also embarking on a new gaming blog with a couple of my former Bright Hub colleagues, which will hopefully shape up nicely!