Phishing threats take advantage of human interest storiesJust 24 hours ago the civilized world breathed a collective “oh, isn’t that nice?” when it was revealed that recent £101 million lottery jackpot winners Dave and Angela Dawes plan to give millions to friends and family, as well as pay for their wedding.

Sadly it wasn’t long before scammers had taken advantage of this heartwarming tale – which will involve £20 million being spent on loved ones – and used it to reel in unsuspecting victims. This is how the message reads:

Hello Dear

My wife and I won one of Britain’s biggest lottery of £101 Million British Pounds and we have decided to donate to the less privileged and charity projects all over the world, and make at least 20 people millionaires.

To verify,please see our interview by visiting the web page below.

Your email address was among the emails which was submitted to us by the google inc. as a web user, to be one of our beneficiaries,kindly send us the below details so that we can issue a valid cheque for £1,500,000.00 pounds in your name or direct our bank to effect the transfer of the funds.


*Full Name:

*Telephone Number:




Send your response to our email,

Best Regards,

Dave & Angela Dawes

As you can see, the typical phishing details are requested. With those 4 pieces of data anyone can claim to be you.

Sadly this is all just further evidence that some people will stoop as low as possible to find ways to steal money from you or borrow it in your name. If you have received the email message above, obviously you should delete it right now. Human interest stories have been used before as cover for phishing attempts and the criminals behind these emails will continue to do appeal to our innate greed.

If you don’t have an email security solution installed on your computer already, now is the time to do so.