So I suppose this is the first big “loss” for me since becoming a freelance writer, a little like a death in many ways.

There is an innate comfort in being able to rely on regular income, something that Bright Hub gave me until December. Sadly, those days are over and I’m out on my own, cast adrift in the wide world of freelance writing.

In many ways it was a useful stepping stone from the old 9-5 lifestyle into this brave new world in which I currently find myself it!

Sadly Bright Hub has stopped providing work for freelancers along the lines that they previously did, although a little part of me still holds out a little bit of hope that we can work together again soon, mainly because I’m a little sentimental like that!

New in 2012, therefore, is a fresh and dynamic approach to finding and winning work. Throughout January I’m virtually fully booked, I’m delighted to say, with my Star Wars guide and another high-paying contract paying the bills. I also soon expect to be working on a large website project. I’ve also spent some time listing a few ideas which might be worth developing further around Easter.

The biggest news this month is again something I can’t discuss, suffice to say it is related to Doctor Who and gives me the opportunity to work further with James McLean, someone whose work I admire and who is also a pretty decent sort of chap. We do the Kasterborous Doctor Who PodKast together, so it will be good to expand on our working relationship.

Speaking of which, a big thank you to Thomas Spychalski who is doing some stirling work in helping me get Cult Britannia to a Kasterborous-like standard of readership at present. Thanks to Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss for creating a great show for us to write about too in Sherlock.

There is other news, but again I can say little about it, other than get all cliche-ridden and observe that the beginning of a new year is a great time to be starting new projects and working in new ways!

One last thing – I might change the images at the top of the page so that we have a random image displaying in each slot…