So, something strange happened last week.

Regular readers or those that have spent time checking older posts will know that I have been busy setting up some other blogs to join Kasterborous in a small network of websites. Cult Britannia is going well, while Quintessential Comedy, Atomic Karma and The Gadget Monkey are trundling along waiting for contributors.

As a way of sharing some tips with one of my collaborators, Tom Spychalski (who has recently turned freelance) I shared a few thoughts on this very blog a few days ago about my experiences writing for a living. Since I started the freelancing back in 2004 (of course I only turned professional in 2010) I felt that there would be adequate material here to share.

Thanks to some Facebook conversations about missing comments fields (now resolved, if you care to scroll down…) I knew that Tom had read the article and taken heed of a few points.

What I wasn’t expecting was for him to share the material. According to one of the posts, it has been shared on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+! I knew social networking was powerful, but this is ridiculous!

The result of this is that without any effort or intention this blog has attracted over 100 page views in the past 7 days – and I’ve only been tracking them for 5 of those! Employing the StatCounter plugin (it requires a sign-up but my WordPress stats are oversubscribed thanks to the other blogs) I’ve been able to see that the articles Don’t Undersell Yourself and Finding Freelance Gigs Online have proved the most popular.

What do I do about this? Most obvious, I suppose, is to continue writing posts in the same vein. After all, if I can help more than just Tom with my experiences then the low hosting cost of this blog has been more than worth it, hasn’t it? And there is no reason why I shouldn’t share these thoughts alongside the other nonsense I ramble on about…

So, a big hello to any new readers looking for more top tips. I will be leaving some soon, but in the meantime stay and have a read of some of the other material on the right.

Incidentally, it occurs to me that I should have a few more images at the top of the blog, or perhaps rotate them from time to time. Suggestions welcome!