I’m the “Other” Writer in the Family…

So despite going freelance in 2010 I’m no longer the only writer in the family.

I’m not even “the” writer in the family – rather, I’ve been demoted to the “Other Writer”.

Why? Well I’m delighted to say that my Aunt Wendy has written a fantastic account of her childhood during World War II, during which time she was evacuated. A Little Girl’s War even features my Dad!

Having read some of the book already I can tell you that it is a smashing piece of work, evocative and engaging. It’s been reviewed in several places, most prominently the Daily Mail, and I rather think (in my humble opinion) that it would make ideal material for a TV or movie adaptation.

Incidentally, Wendy is a particularly favourite relative of mine so being demoted in status doesn’t matter in this case!

If you’re interested in the lives of evacuees or real life accounts of World War II and how it affected British life, then this is a great read that comes highly recommended!

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