Hi Score, the annual celebration of retro arcade classics is only a few months away but excitement is already building for the unique event and tournament.

Arcade classic Outrun is played at the Hi Score UK Arcade Game TournamentThe brainchild of arcade cabinet enthusiast Mat Corne, Hi Score invites fans and dedicated players from across the UK to come together to celebrate their love of the 8 & 16-bit gaming age, and to compete for the highest scores in a weekend long tournament.

One of the few events of its kind in the UK, Hi Score will be held this year at The Lass O’Gowrie venue in Manchester, a popular local haunt for arcade cab enthusiasts from June 2-3.

“This is the perfect opportunity to delve back into the halcyon days of arcade gaming”, says venue owner Gareth Kavanagh . “Play for fun sure, but play to win in true 80’s style”.

Now in its second year, the event brings together some of the most well known and loved arcade cabinets and MAME titles such as Outrun and Liberator and a few obscure gems you might have forgotten about like Crazy Kong or Dig Dug. Last year’s meet offered access to over 40 cabinets for fans to enjoy, with the tournament spread across ten separate titles. This year fifty of the best high scorers in the country will battle it out for gaming glory, with players invited to request their preferred game to give the tournament a more personal feel. For those looking to chill and revel in the atmosphere, a selection of home consoles from the Megadrive to the Atari 2600 will also be on tap.

Hi Score 2012 has grown with each annual event, and this year looks to be no exception. West Midlands custom arcade builders Turnarcades will be this year’s sponsor and are raising the stakes with a grand prize of a custom cab worth £350!

“This will be a fantastic opportunity to meet, chat and play with absolutely no one flicking lit fags at the back of your head while you’re at a machine!” adds Gareth.

So, whether you’re a dedicated, high-score obsessed addict or just looking to discover a golden age of arcade innovation, get your entry form in quick or just make your way to Manchester this June to join in the revelry.

Head to hiscore.cgeu.info for further details.