Browser-based games are a cheap and easy way to play games online without the hassle of downloading and buying disks, but it is rare that you find a zombie based MMORPG let alone one that is browser based. I love playing games that involve zombies and they can create hours of fun, and beating a rooting corpse can take out a lot of anger and frustration.

But the only good zombie games are mainly on the Xbox 360 or the PS3. However the zombie genre has now entered the browser based world.

Dead Frontier is based in a zombie invested world, and is set 3 months after the invasion has taken place. You can choose between many classes every one of them has a different perk depending on what type of player you are. For example you can be a doctor; you start with $80 and have medical experience. Another good thing about the classes is that it determines which missions/quest you do in the game, if you were a solider then it will involve more killing but, if you choose to be a chef then it is mainly looking after other survivors.

I chose to be a soldier as killing zombies is entertaining and it is the best class in terms of perks (start with a better gun and more experience). As I started the gameplay was pretty basic, I had to find a certain person and complete a basic quest for them, most MMOs/games start with a mission similar. The quests are pretty simple in the beginning and not many zombies pay attention to what you doing. What I found fun about the beginning of the game was how much loot you would get after a kill, the lots contained many bullets for multiple weapons, lots of cash and sometimes weapons. But as I got further in the game I found it hard to find loot and I ended up having no bullets and ammo due to me over using them when it came to fighting large zombies.

What I found not so good about this game is the area its self, it is pretty repetitive and all the areas are barren with hardly any shops or bots to help me with the quests. I found myself getting lost because the map didn’t really tell me to go in any direction and it was like looking at a maze from a birdseye view. What I also found disappointing about this game is how many times I died during the gameplay, I died almost 10mins into my first gameplay sessions because the zombies are a higher level then your character – due to the barren map and few places to heal, death was the only option.

But what I enjoyed was reaching the higher levels, the quest are a lot more fun and you come across more dangerous zombies which make you jump when you are not paying attention. Also I enjoyed the melee weapon system, it was a lot more effective then the guns and more fun to see the zombie chase you, plus there is areas specially designed for melee use only, which I enjoyed very much.

Plus there is a market place were other players can sell and buy items for cheaper then what they are in the shops which gives it a community based vibe. Another high point of this game is the graphics, they are very clear for a browser based game and they do not lag your computer and only require the Java plug-in.

My overall opinion on this game is that it is very enjoyable and I would recommend to people who enjoyed the Xbox-based zombie games like Dead Island or Dead Rising. It does have things that let it down but it is very good quality for a browser based games.

Many people do play and it also has PvP which makes it even more competitive. It defiantly comes into my Top 5 browser based games and I hope to see many more people playing it in the future!

❸ out of ❺