We live in a world where technology has advanced so much most people own a digital camera or camera phone and as a result their photos exist purely as 1s and 0s.

The convenience of this is obvious – images can be easily shared – but the dangers are clear too. Without a backup solution, your memories can be lost when the storage medium or device crashes, is stolen or lost. As

Claire Galbois-Alcaix of online backup company Mozy, says:

“Imagine losing all your honeymoon photos, emails from that special someone or the diary you’ve been building up for months! In most cases, modern gadgets and gizmos work brilliantly but, when they do go wrong, it can have dire consequences – including the loss of valuable and sentimental material.”

Mozy recently carried our a survey of 3,000 consumers across the UK, which revealed that the average Brit possesses more than four computing devices in their home – double the number owned ten years ago.

Meanwhile over 75% of responders “rely heavily” on technology every day and one in five are rarely away from an internet-enabled device. Habits such as using a dictionary in book form, learning multiplication, making mix tapes or paying bills at the local post office all seem to be dying out as they are replaced with digital and online alternatives. When did you last check a map before starting your car journey?

Online shopping for fashion and holidays are also overtaking their high street rivals, while the existence of text messaging and online instant messaging and social networks has seen a decrease in using the telephone to speak to friends and family.

As everything has changed so much, therefore, let’s remember what is important to us. Those vital documents, video clips and photos need attention, and if 9 out of 10 of us in the UK don’t bother, that’s a lot of data that is at risk…

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