Yes, I’m well aware of how old this game is, but hey, I make use of the games I enjoy and have at my disposal, money was a bit tight this month so instead of buying a new game, I picked up a couple oldies that I have heard are a blast/makes you want to rage quit so hard, you’ll be begging for a red-ring to happen just so you have an excuse to not play anymore!

That mystery game’s review will come later, mostly because I haven’t worked up the courage to pop it into my console yet, but for now lets take a look at Deus Ex, and see how Square Enix did with this seemingly amazing looking game.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a prequel to a game that was released back in 2000, and while the original game was welcomed with open arms, many speculated at the announcement of a console release for this prequel, but me, being the optimist I am, was pumped, because the original was amazing. So I dug down deep, and I held onto the faith that this game might just turn out alright. Well, I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that my faith was not misplaced, because DE:HR never failed to deliver in game play, story, and “holy crap! Am I watching a movie?” graphics.

You play as ex-cop, and head of security at Sarif Industries, Adam Jensen. All around bad ass, complete with the leather trench coat and gruff voice. To say that the game starts off with a bang would be an understatement. You are instantly thrown into the fray after a few brief cut scenes, and your mission is to find out what the security breach is. As you roam around the building, you run into a few enemies, nothing to shake a stick at, and all seems to be going well, until BOOM! Attack of the crazy augmented man! You’re thrown through a window, forced to watch your girlfriend die, and get shot in the head, all in the span of 5 minutes. I’ll give the game credit, it wasn’t pulling any punches with this introduction.

Fast forward 6 months. You’ve been outfitted with the latest and greatest augments, in order to save your life, although your character never wanted to be augmented in the first place. This may not be the beginning of the story, but this sure as hell is where the game began to take my attention. The RPG style game play of it was flawless, with the very first mission giving you the chance to choose how you want to play the game, slow and sneaky, or fast and gun-blazing! Not many games could handle being a FPS and an RPG, but Deus Ex does it flawlessly.

Game play is what you would expect from an FPS. AI’s duck into cover, flank, and retreat all according to how you play, which means nothing is ever scripted, and you can always play the game differently no matter how many times you play through.  If you want to snipe from a distance, expect enemies to try to flank, or if you prefer the close range combat, expect enemy snipers to begin to chip away at your health.

The mix of cover and gun play is phenomenal here, with both you and the AI making use of any cover available. Cover is not only for combat, however, it can be used to hide your presence from enemies, cameras, sentry guns, and any other nosey annoyances that happen your way. There are implants that can assist in your stealthing abilities, but it will almost always come down to the players’ ability to time their movements, and read the enemies’ movements as well, and on the hardest difficulty, even being in cover isn’t enough sometimes. If even a speck of you is showing, enemies will become instantly alerted, its a challenge, but a fun one at that!

Let me touch on the ending just a bit before I finish up, so hopefully it goes without saying, but


With a game so wrapped up into conspiracy, it wasn’t a surprise when a name as big as the Illuminati was dropped. I’ve read other peoples opinion on this, and some frown upon it but I personally believe it takes a pair to bring up something as controversial as The Illuminati in a video game, and more developers should take notes from Square Enix because they nailed an amazing story here, and although it was meant to be fictional, I’m sure I’m not the only person who was thinking about the ending for a couple days after I beat it. You know its a good ending when it sticks with you, and this one most certainly does!

If this game wasn’t a prequel, I would be in the streets demanding a sequel to it. Deus Ex: Human Revolution plays flawlessly, looks beautiful, and has characters that are not only memorable, but iconic. The “One man against the system” story may have been done before on numerous occasions, but Deus Ex does it right here, and does it uniquely enough that it won’t soon be forgotten.