From time to time I receive email requests asking for assistance in resolving problems with computers and phones. They come via the Contact Christian page and sit staring at me in my inbox.

Naturally I will always reply, but sadly I have to refuse assistance.


Well, there simply isn’t time enough in the day to guess what the problem might be, engage in a back and forth email conversation (or even setup a remote session) in order to fix the issue when the end user has no interest or intention of paying me for my services.

It might sound a bit mercenary, but this is how I make my living, and I can’t spend time handing out freebies – I’d be homeless within days!

As a result I always forward users to MakeUseOf Answers, a dedicated portion of the MakeUseOf site where people can ask questions and the MUO team (and other users) will attempt to help. Occasionally it might be me suggesting solutions, but the whole setup is far more comprehensive and better organised than hoping some guy whose article you liked might fix your PC for free.

So please, if you have a technical issue, head to MakeUseOf Answers, and leave the contact form for discussing projects and opportunities.