Alan Levine via Twitter

I’m on air this morning, dropping in at Zetland FM to discuss the latest technology topics with Julie Donaldson in my guise as The Gadget Monkey. In future, I’ll share the links here on the site to the recording of my appearance (stay tuned for that later today) but in the meantime, some thoughts on how I prepare.

My early radio appearances were as a guest or interview subject, all with local public station BBC Tees. The first was as an attendee at a Doctor Who convention in Stockton-on-Tees, a year or so after the launch of; my friend Brian A Terranova was also in attendance and was really the star of the interview, an American in Stockton!

My second appearance was also talking Doctor Who, this time with Bob Fischer for his TARDIS on Teesside documentary back in 2013 to celebrate the show’s 50th anniversary. And I also appeared a few months later thanks to a book publisher in my attempts to find some untouched gems for Northern Rock (which I continue to pore over now and again).

The launch of Zetland FM in 2015 gave me an opportunity first as a guest, and then as a host (a role I hope to return to once family life settles down again). Since September 2015 I have had a monthly guest booking as The Gadget Monkey, and each time I’ve prepared in the same way.

  1. Draft notes the night before. Make sure they’re up-to-date, and refer to current knowledge where appropriate. Don’t refer to events that have been superseded.
  2. Make sure notes are in the cloud. This means that they can be accessed from any device in the event of tablet/smartphone battery running flat. (Printed notes are one extra thing to remember. Ubiquity is key here.)
  3. Dress smart and comfortable. Look the part.

Sure, I’m on the radio, but that last point is important for delivery. If you feel smart, you’ll act smart. Look scruffy, and you’ll sound a mess; you’re also unlikely to be asked back, as personal hygiene in an enclosed space is very important.