One of my aims for 2017 was to begin to share my experiences as a freelance writer, and put an online course together. I had initially been considering Udemy as the platform (and this may still transpire) but WOW.

I was under no illusions with regards to the complexities of outlining a course, breaking up the topics into digestible chunks, and so on. But the multimedia aspect… well, that’s something I hadn’t really considered properly.

Time, space, equipment. All of these — and more — are required if you’re going to produce an online course that people want to sign up to. Now, it’s fair to say that I’d overlooked the importance of a new arrival in our family when I made my original plans. We’d coped so well with the addition of twins a few years ago that I’d expected the baby to just slot in.

Various personality reasons have prevented that from happening, and for the first time in my full-time freelancing career, I’ve been experiencing a few bumps.

Not ideal.

So, while I continue to tentatively plan an online course, it would seem that it’s going to be a while before it finally takes shape. But those thoughts, experiences, and my knowledge will be shared!