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Christian Cawley

Revive Your Darlings: Reusing Old Material

Image credit: Olaf Gradin via Flickr

The popular mantra, “kill your darlings”, attributed to Allen Ginsberg (or was it Arthur Quiller-Couch?) instructs writers to cut material they’re proud of if it will improve the readability of their manuscript.

But that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be used at all.

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Story: Pete’s Fish

Image credit: Matthew Hartley via Flickr

The sunlight strobed across still, rippling sea, the reflection dazzling Pete’s eyes. Distracted, his half-full wine bottle toppled off the wooden picnic bench, exploding on the pale concrete.

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News Flash: Online Courses Are Tricky to Plan

One of my aims for 2017 was to begin to share my experiences as a freelance writer, and put an online course together. I had initially been considering Udemy as the platform (and this may still transpire) but WOW.

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Keep Your Writing Clear and Short

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It’s not worth going into this topic in too much detail, as everything about it is pretty obvious. In short, you need to keep your writing clear and concise.

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Should You Bother Entering Writing Competitions?

Image credit: srslyguys via Flickr

I hate losing. I understand I’m not alone in this sentiment, but loss does instill a feeling of loneliness. So when I enter a competition, I have to do so knowing I have a fighting chance of winning. This usually means having an idea of my opponents ability.

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How to Maintain a Regular Blogging Schedule

Image credit - dhester via Morguefile

It is somewhat ironic that I should be discussing regular blogging — an idea I’ve had for a while, and started several weeks ago — after a period of inactivity!

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Find a Pen You Love for Writing

Image credit: Dave Hermann via Flickr

Writing here recently about diary writing and journaling, it struck me that I’d overlooked a very important aspect.

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Save Time Writing: Automate Your Research

Google has made the act of researching material for journalism so much simpler. The same can be said for fiction, too, although you might approach that in a different way. But while a search engine is useful, it’s not ideal for daily, regular searches on similar topics.

What you need is an app or service that does your research for you.

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The Time I Wrote a Sitcom

Back in (I think) 2010, I was invited by a friend, Gareth Kavanagh, to submit a script for The First Manchester Sitcom Trials, taking place in The Lass O’Gowrie pub in Manchester.

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The Gadget Monkey Talks Kodi on Zetland FM

In my tech hat today, I chatted with Zetland FM host Julie Donaldson about Kodi and illegal “fully loaded” boxes…

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