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Christian Cawley

Keeping Up (Media) Appearances

Alan Levine via Twitter

I’m on air this morning, dropping in at Zetland FM to discuss the latest technology topics with Julie Donaldson in my guise as The Gadget Monkey. In future, I’ll share the links here on the site to the Mixcloud.com recording of my appearance (stay tuned for that later today) but in the meantime, some thoughts on how I prepare.

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The Email ALL Writers Should Subscribe To

Ernest Hemingway by William James, 1930-Toronto History via Flickr

Keeping it much shorter today, I absolutely *had* to share what I think is the most important email newsletter for writers.

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The Time Has Come to Share Some Freelance Writing Tips

Levi Bunyan via Flickr

I first started freelancing back in 2004 as a way to generate extra income for my impending wedding.

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Keeping a Diary – 12 Months Later

Fredrik Rubensson via Flickr

It recently occurred to me that that time I’ve put aside to write a diary for the past 12 months — since January 1st 2016 — could just as easily have been used to talk a bit more right here.

So I’ve decided to do both.

2016 was a memorable year for many reasons, not least Brexit, Bowie and Trump.

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When Should Writers Stop Waiting for Feedback?

I could be playing a videogame. Or I could be revising Aliens vs Nazis for the 90th time.

As it is, I’m wondering about the fate of a couple of scripts that I’ve entered into competitions (Red Planet and BBC Writers Room) in the past 6 months.

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RIP Android Magazine – My First Print Gig

Well, that was a lot of fun while it lasted. Sadly, Android Magazine is no more, with issue 63 its final edition.

Back in early 2013 I was contacted by then-editor Andy Betts, who had seen some of my Android-related articles on MakeUseOf.com. He was interested in bringing me in as a freelancer, and as I’d been determined to move into print, this suited me just fine.

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Slight Victory of the Former Doctor Who Website Owner

Damn. I really don’t want to keep banging on about this… but things haven’t quite been sorted out with the use of my name at www.kasterborous.com.

What’s worse, I thought things had been fixed… which superficially, they have. The problem is that the solution taken by Kasterborous’ new owners breaches my copyright. Not classy.

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SheKnows Nothing

As technology writing and family life have occupied my time over the past few months, I’ve not really been keeping an eye on what www.kasterborous.com – the website that I setup in 2004 with illustrator Anthony Dry – was up to. I’d assumed that a new editor had been installed and that it was business as usual.

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Staying in Touch with Doctor Who…

Just a few months after quitting Kasterborous, I’ve contributed to the Doctor Who Appreciation Society’s fanzine, Celestial Toyroom, with a post discussing popular conspiracy theories within Doctor Who.

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It Feels Like Home

From time to time I mull over the path my life has taken so far.

Many of my friends and family went to university. Despite a couple of attempts, I couldn’t focus on it, distracted by the lifestyle, and so set myself back several years (it can be argued that I picked up a lot of life experience during this period, however; on the other hand, I was drunk much of the time and can barely recall it), at least as a writer.

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