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The Finest Chocolate Brownies?

In search of the perfect chocolate brownie

I’ve never really fulfilled a stereotype. I was never a nerdy Doctor Who fan, a geeky IT support guy… my wannabe rock star days involved very little in the way of drugs and women (and too much alcohol and cigarettes).

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Next eBook: Research Your Family Tree Online

I’m delighted to say that I’ve started work on a new eBook for MakeUseOf, currently titled Research Your Family Tree Online!

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My Latest Ebook: From Print To Kindle And Beyond

Your Guide To Self-Publishing. From Print To Kindle And Beyond by Christian Cawley

I’ve just discovered that my latest eBook, From Print To Kindle And Beyond, has been published. Available through MakeUseOf and on Amazon for Kindle devices, the book draws on my experiences writing and publishing Ultimate Regeneration in 2010-2011. For me,

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Should I Use a Resume or Not?

This week I’m planning on finding additional freelance work, preferably monthly and in print rather than online. As preparation for this I spent an hour or so organising some old files and my CV – resume if you’re in North

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Catch My Contributions to Android Magazine!


Although my updates here have been sparse of late – something I hope to remedy soon – I’ve been busy elsewhere. One organ that has seen several contributions is Android Magazine from Imagine Publishing. I was lucky enough to be

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Edit Images with Microsoft Picture Manager

03-02-2013 10-43-18

You don’t need to employ expensive image editing packages for simple tasks like resizing and cropping images if you own a copy of Microsoft¬†Office 2010 – the included Microsoft Picture Manager can do the task for you. To begin, find

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More from Elite: Dangerous

Elite: Dangerous can be backed on Kickstarter

Now halfway towards the massive total of ¬£1.25 million needed to meet the development costs of Elite: Dangerous and with just under a month still to go, if you haven’t checked out the videos on the project’s Kickstarter page, you’re

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Game Sales Dip – Not the Beginning of the End

Call of Duty: Black Ops - massive sales couldn't help the games industry in 2012

Consumer research firm NPD has revealed that annual US video game sales have dropped, despite the strong showing of the latest Call of Duty and Halo sequels. According to NPD, the overall drop is due to lower sales on less

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Homemade 3D Printed Motorized Transformer!

Homemade Transforming robot made with a 3D printer!

I’m a big fan of Transformers, ever since I was bought an original Bumblebee back in 1984 and received Hound for Christmas a few months later. Over the years I got progressively larger Transformer toys, more and more often, a

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The Death of the Kin – On Film

The Microsoft Kin: A Genuine Smartphone Failure

Remember the Kin? Of course you do! No, really, you should – it was the original Windows Phone, Microsoft’s first attempt to redefine mobile phones after Windows Mobile was pushed face down in the dust by Android and iOS. However,

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Current Projects

This is a list of the work I'm currently engaged in:

  • New comic book project: Nazis vs Aliens
  • Northern Rock
  • Movie script
  • Sitcom script

Simmering away on the back burner:

  • Compiling a book of favourite recipes