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Revive Your Darlings: Reusing Old Material

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The popular mantra, “kill your darlings”, attributed to Allen Ginsberg (or was it Arthur Quiller-Couch?) instructs writers to cut material they’re proud of if it will improve the readability of their manuscript.

But that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be used at all.

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Work on “Northern Rock” Commences

I’m currently working on a book about influential North East rock musicians.

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The Finest Chocolate Brownies?

I’ve never really fulfilled a stereotype. I was never a nerdy Doctor Who fan, a geeky IT support guy… my wannabe rock star days involved very little in the way of drugs and women (and too much alcohol and cigarettes). Perhaps at school I was as awkward and bewildered as any teenage boy, but I think there were some worse off in that regard than myself.

However since becoming a freelance writer, I have spent an inordinate amount of time in coffee shops – privately owned and chains – in what seems to have developed into a quest to find the greatest chocolate brownie ever created.

It is a quest that perhaps originated in childhood.

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Sony BRAVIA WE5 Knows When You’re Asleep

Surely the ultimate in eco friendly home entertainment, the Sony BRAVIA WE5 is a remarkable TV with many innovative energy saving and eco-aware features. Functions such as the Energy Saving Switch and HCFL technology mean it uses 50% less power than an equivalent model.

The innovative Presence Sensor detects movement and body heat of anyone in front of the TV which means when no one is watching, it switches itself off!

Moreover the Sony Bravia WE5 can be tailored to suit your viewing habits, with Picture Off and sleep mode settings that can be configured to take effect based on preset times of 5 minutes, 30 minutes or 60 minutes.

These settings mean the TV won’t switch off while you’re watching, but if you can hear your TV from the kitchen, the five minute Picture Off mode can be very useful.

The Sony Bravia WE5
The Sony Bravia WE5

Check the infographic above to see just how much energy can be saved!

CNN Green Technology Report


A great report from CNN, reporting on some of the most interesting developments in green technology.


As you can see, the blog is still slightly cluttered, but some in roads have been made with regards to the future of Quintessential Comedy and The Gadget Monkey.

Basically as long as people are visiting those sites, I need to do something to prolong interest in them, and hopefully lead readers here.  Most likely is an automated RSS news collection service, similar to Simon Mills Doctor Who News Service.

In the meantime, this is all on the backburner (as is tidying up the posts here for the time being) while I concentrate on some rewrites for Penny the Pirate and Crocodile Island, work, study and manage Kasterborous.com!

Which is a shame because I would love to sit here and rant and rave about certain issues in the world today.

Perhaps next time!

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Advantage Flint

From PocketPCThoughts.com
From PocketPCThoughts.com

o2 have just announced their rebranding of the HTC Advantage, known as the o2 Flint.

It comes with Windows Mobile 6.1 installed, and although 13×10 cm is a little bigger than a HTC Touch Diamond, I really must get myself one.  On paper however, it really isnt that much bigger than an iPhone or my previous MDA Vario II from T-Mobile.

The problem is, o2 have it on their Business Customers range – so will I be able to get it as an upgrade for a domestic customer?

And if I am able to upgrade, what do I do with the Diamond?  Will I be wandering around with a very compact WinMo device and a larger PDA/laptop?  Apparently the phone doesn’t integrate too well with the rest of the HTC Advantage… but how does that really differ from any other WinMo device?

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Big Blog Migration

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Well, the heavy work is almost done – the content from www.thegadgetmonkey.co.uk and www.quintessentialcomedy.com as well as my Blogger.com efforts (mainly Led Zeppelin Love) have now been archived here, and what a big job that was!

Shortly the URLs for the above blogs will point back here, where I’ll start blogging about pretty much anything – but usually straying pretty close to music, comedy and gadgets.  I might even throw in a few thoughts about the art of blogging – like I’m an expert, LOL…

Everything here at my home blog will continue to exist as an archive of all of my non-Kasterborous.com work online work, and link to the work I submit to Brighthub.com (as this cannot be reproduced.

I had a lot of fun writing Quintessential Comedy and The Gadget Monkey over the last 18 months, but they’re two very different blogs with two completely polar problems – QC is a small player in a small sphere, and The Gadget Monkey started off reviewing Nokias and ended up obsessed with Windows Mobile.

Nothing wrong with that as it followed my own course of interest; however the time has come to bring everything home!

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