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News Flash: Online Courses Are Tricky to Plan

One of my aims for 2017 was to begin to share my experiences as a freelance writer, and put an online course together. I had initially been considering Udemy as the platform (and this may still transpire) but WOW.

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Keep Your Writing Clear and Short

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It’s not worth going into this topic in too much detail, as everything about it is pretty obvious. In short, you need to keep your writing clear and concise.

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How to Maintain a Regular Blogging Schedule

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It is somewhat ironic that I should be discussing regular blogging — an idea I’ve had for a while, and started several weeks ago — after a period of inactivity!

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Keeping Up (Media) Appearances

Alan Levine via Twitter

I’m on air this morning, dropping in at Zetland FM to discuss the latest technology topics with Julie Donaldson in my guise as The Gadget Monkey. In future, I’ll share the links here on the site to the Mixcloud.com recording of my appearance (stay tuned for that later today) but in the meantime, some thoughts on how I prepare.

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The Email ALL Writers Should Subscribe To

Ernest Hemingway by William James, 1930-Toronto History via Flickr

Keeping it much shorter today, I absolutely *had* to share what I think is the most important email newsletter for writers.

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When Should Writers Stop Waiting for Feedback?

I could be playing a videogame. Or I could be revising Aliens vs Nazis for the 90th time.

As it is, I’m wondering about the fate of a couple of scripts that I’ve entered into competitions (Red Planet and BBC Writers Room) in the past 6 months.

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It Feels Like Home

From time to time I mull over the path my life has taken so far.

Many of my friends and family went to university. Despite a couple of attempts, I couldn’t focus on it, distracted by the lifestyle, and so set myself back several years (it can be argued that I picked up a lot of life experience during this period, however; on the other hand, I was drunk much of the time and can barely recall it), at least as a writer.

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People Still Rewrite Your Articles. Really.

Amazing.┬áPeople still expend energy on the pointless, low-paying slog that is “article rewriting”. This is, for those of you who don’t know, the “art” of taking an existing article and rewriting it.

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Should I Use a Resume or Not?

This week I’m planning on finding additional freelance work, preferably monthly and in print rather than online.

As preparation for this I spent an hour or so organising some old files and my CV – resume if you’re in North America – and it struck me: do I actually need one?

After all, I already have a portfolio here, and my LinkedIn page is pretty well populated, and regularly updated – perhaps more than my CV.

This might be why I’ve rarely been asked for a CV since going freelance full-time.

While I’m going to keep using the one I’ve just updated with new achievements and so on, I’ll be counting the number of times it actually gets requested or viewed…

The Curse of Revenue Share

As a freelancer, I periodically check the listings on particular websites where short or long term writing gigs might be found.

One of these is problogger.net, a website that I have a huge amount of respect for. However the job board increasing leaves a lot to be desired.

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