Since moving into full-time freelancing I’ve been fortunate enough to work on a great selection of projects, both short-term and ongoing.

Imagine Publishing

I have been contributing to several publications from Imagine Publishing since February 2013 when I was invited to submit articles to Android Magazine, and I’ve been fortunate enough to continue this arrangement throughout issues 23 to 63 so far.

Latterly, I have been involved various issues of Linux User & Developer (147-163), working on tutorials for their Raspberry Pi section.

In 2016, I worked on the Raspberry Pi for Kids bookazine, which adds to my previous work on the Raspberry Pi For Beginners bookazine (with annually refreshed content). In addition, I provided a big chunk of the Expert Android bookazine, to my particular pleasure, as well as The iPad Book Volume 5 (iOS 7 update) and provided refreshed content for WordPress for Beginners and WordPress Genius.


Since December 2011 I have been a regular contributor of tech-related articles and tutorials at www.makeuseof.com, and since March 2014 have been the site’s Security editor; since April 2015, I have also acted as the Linux section editor. The following articles are among my most popular to date:

As well as regular articles I have contributed the following free eBook user guides to MakeUseOf (which are also also available on Amazon for Kindle for a small fee:)

Computer Weekly

In 2015 I contributed a couple of posts to the popular IT industry publication.


Prior to working with MakeUseOf I was a regular contributor at Bright Hub, where I have a large body of work (somewhere in the region of 1,275,000 words) which you can find via my profile page there. Some of my most popular pieces on Bright Hub include:

I have a continuing relationship with Bright Hub, and worked with the editorial team on an extensive Microsoft Office 365 content project.


I’ve produced three eBook titles for KillerGuides.com, designed to assist players in getting the most out of some of the most popular MMORPGs currently on the market:

Blogging Guru at RichWP.com

Between April 2012 and May 2013 I was a twice-weekly contributor as a blogging guru at www.RichWP.com. Here is a selection of articles:

Doctor Who/Kasterborous.com

As editor of the popular Doctor Who news website Kasterborous I have had the fortune to be able to interview some great people associated with the show, as well as share my thoughts on the crazy adventures of the alien time travelling anti-hero.

Over the years the 10 years since it launched, we’ve published several titles. First was Ultimate Regeneration, a 280 page book of reviews of the 2005 series of Doctor Who, a mix of original content and some that originated on Kasterborous, and this can be found listed on Amazon.

Second came Time Leech, a short-run comic book to raise funds for Children in Need and the AICR (of which former Doctor Who star David Tennant is patron). Time Leech is no longer available.

In 2013 and 2014 we released three issues of Kasterborous Magazine, all edited by me. Designed by James McLean, we’re particularly proud of issue 2, which features a retro video game magazine design which complements the coverage of Doctor Who games perfectly. Kasterborous Magazine can be downloaded free in PDF format.

I sold Kasterborous.com in late 2015, continuing the podKast independently with James McLean and Brian A Terranova.

Miscellaneous Articles

Older projects that I am particularly proud of include:

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