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My Latest Ebook: From Print To Kindle And Beyond

Your Guide To Self-Publishing. From Print To Kindle And Beyond by Christian Cawley

I’ve just discovered that my latest eBook, From Print To Kindle And Beyond, has been published. Available through MakeUseOf and on Amazon for Kindle devices, the book draws on my experiences writing and publishing Ultimate Regeneration in 2010-2011. For me,

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Has Apple’s Legal Team Made a Big Mistake?

Apple - technology giant

Forget Bill Gates, forget Samsung. There’s a new enemy in town for Apple: US District Judge Phyllis Hamilton. She’s the plain talking lawmaker overseeing the nonsensical claim over the English language currently being made by Apple as they attempt to

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Finding Freelance Gigs Online

One of the things I’ve been planning on featuring here at my homepage is a few tips and tricks that I’ve picked up over years writing freelance. It was back in 2004 when I completed my first freelance gig and

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Save Money – Brits Buy American!


We’re just a few weeks from Christmas yet the biggest online retailer has failed to present its top selling new gadget to the British public. Unavailable anywhere outside of the USA, the Kindle Fire has a ready made killer app

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Current Projects

This is a list of the work I'm currently engaged in:

  • New comic book project: Nazis vs Aliens
  • Northern Rock
  • Movie script
  • Sitcom script

Simmering away on the back burner:

  • Compiling a book of favourite recipes