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How to Maintain a Regular Blogging Schedule

Image credit - dhester via Morguefile

It is somewhat ironic that I should be discussing regular blogging — an idea I’ve had for a while, and started several weeks ago — after a period of inactivity!

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Don’t Undersell Yourself

This is going to look like something of a rant, but bear with me…

Over the years as a freelancer working predominantly online, I’ve come across a bewildering array of low paying websites. Just a few moments ago a gig offering $1.25 for 500 words popped up in my feed.

My jaw no longer hits the desk in shock and disgust; I simply click the next button. However it is clear that as people are paying these prices that there must be writers out there who are happy to work for this sweatshop-esque pittance.

Without sounding pretentious, being a writer is a calling. In many ways it can be vocational, although that largely depends on who you’re writing for. Like musicians and artists, writers write because they have thoughts and opinions and a voice that has to be heard.

No One Is Going to Hear You at $0.0025 per Word.

Even if they can faintly detect your tiny, minute voice, the reader won’t care what you have to say.

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