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Great Games for the End of Days

Ah 2012, the year of our supposed demise as a human race, and the destruction of Earth itself. Well, if this is going to be our last year on Earth, at least we can go out with some great games to keep us company, cause let’s face it, with the raising of gas prices, mixed with the lower employment rate, no one is gonna want to leave the house.

What better time for the gaming industry to pump out some blockbusters! Yeah you could spend that money for games on food, but hey, if the world is ending, I’m going to go out playing Halo 4 in my sweats, surrounded by empty Cheetos bags and Dr. Pepper bottles! So let’s take a glimpse at what games are going to keep us company as the apocalypse drops in, and hell rides in with it!


Mass Effect 3

This game has been a long awaited conclusion for the series, in the first 24 hours alone its sales hit over 90,000 units, with a breath taking 70% being on the Xbox 360 (score one for Microsoft!) I can say that I have personally been enjoying taking it to the Reapers and Cerebus, and I don’t see this game dying down anytime soon. With its intense multiplayer, and amazing (as always) storyline of Commander Shepard, fans will be playing this game for months to come, not only because of the numerous classes available, but also the DLC that is almost guaranteed to follow-up.

Mass Effect has made its impact on the gaming industry, one that is a unique enough imprint to guarantee its memory be kept with us forever. Even as we move on to bigger and better games, we’ll always look back and remember how we saved the universe as Commander Shepard.


Devil May Cry HD Remake

Speaking of memorable characters, I think it’s safe to say that whenever the name “Dante” comes up in gaming conversation, the flash of a beautiful red coat, followed by the white hair we’ve all come to associate with our favorite devil hunter pops into our heads. I’m sure I’m not the only one who got really excited when this remake was announced, and even more pumped for the price! 40 dollars for two amazing (and one decent) games is almost unheard of in this economy, and the fact that I get to flash my sword skills and gun toting abilities in full HD just makes this year that much more exciting.

April 3rd can’t come soon enough, and when it does, I’ll be getting busy with my girls Ebony and Ivory once more.


Max Payne 3

“Pain to the max!” Ah how I remember that line being delivered by the Punchineli Brothers right before they opened fire on our dark hero. It seems like only yesterday that I was dodging through the air in slow motion, shooting at a crowd of people in hopes that the horde of bullets flying at me wouldn’t take off that last bit of health the pain killers couldn’t manage to heal. With the third one on the way, fans are eager to get their hands on it, and with good reason!

With an innovative new multiplayer, something never seen in any other May Payne game, along with more fluid game mechanics for Max, and the attention to detail that is so well known to the franchise, this game is going to have hordes coming for it, and I plan to be at the front if the line when it comes time to release the pain on my enemies. So load your Berettas and hit up your pharmacy for your desired pain killers, Max Payne 3 arrives May 15th, and it’s going be one hell of a ride.


Halo 4

We may have finished the fight in Halo 3, but it seems like the war has just begun for our armored Spartan II. With Bungie giving its rights for the Halo franchise over to Microsoft, and then Microsoft giving the project over to 343 Industries, it was only a matter of time before we donned our Mjolnir Armor once more. This game looks beautiful to say the least. The Chief’s armor has been upgraded, and he has never looked more menacing.

From the Vidoc’s that have come out so far, the game looks to be more fluid with the characters’ movement, and the graphics and lighting are out of this world. When September rolls around, you can guarantee I (along with millions of other fans) will be lined up outside the game retailers awaiting to start up the fight once more.


Resident Evil 6

Resident Evil has been around for a very long time. With spin-offs of the actual series finding their way onto the Wii, and the 3DS, this franchise has expanded itself, and, very much like the viruses it is known for, infected fans with the need to continue playing these games. Resident Evil 6 is no exception. With new game mechanics and new protagonists, along with a couple returning favorites, fans are excited, and they have a right to be. This will be the first game to feature returning stars and fan favorites, Chris Redfield, and Leon S. Kennedy.

If that’s not enough to get you up and running to pre-order, then take into consideration the new cover mechanics, the new melee abilities showcased by an unknown protagonist, (my guess is a relative of Wesker, but that’s just a hope of mine) and the ability to dodge and slide into cover, all while being able to move AND shoot! This game is going to be great, and as the final game I’ll be mentioning, I think it will do 2012 a service by sending it out in style.


Well, there you have it, your list of games for 2012. So stock up on chips, make sure you have plenty of fluids to stay hydrated, and lets send this year out with a BANG! And if you’re worried about the end of the world actually happening, look on the bright side! If 2012 does mark the end of the world, atleast we won’t have to deal the new upcoming “Devil May Cry” and that in itself is almost worth a nuclear apocalypse!