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Slight Victory of the Former Doctor Who Website Owner


Damn. I really don’t want to keep banging on about this… but things haven’t quite been sorted out with the use of my name at What’s worse, I thought things had been fixed… which superficially, they have. The problem

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SheKnows Nothing


As technology writing and family life have occupied my time over the past few months, I’ve not really been keeping an eye on what – the website that I setup in 2004 with illustrator Anthony Dry – was up

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What’s New in January 2012?

We’re approaching the end of the month so I thought it might be a good time to give a few thoughts to the current shape of my career as a freelancer. Over the next seven days I will be producing

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More Good News!

Well that’s a relief! After a few slim weeks I’ve finally been accepted for work with another high-paying client, more details of which I’ll be ready to furnish in a few days’ time. Today, however, I need to outline the

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Putting it All Together

OK, so what’s going on here? I’ve given the website a facelift and opted for a full on blog rather than a few static pages. To this end, I’ve imported the old content from (which is soon to receive

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So, I’m just about to embark on my fourth week as a freelance writer. I’ve learned a few things in this time, but most importantly, I’ve discovered that if you send an email, make sure you have regular access to

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High-Value Update

This is quite an exciting day – the opportunity to earn my “bill money” in the space of 5 articles rather than the usual 8! As I write this, a virtual installation of Windows XP is taking place (onto which

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Big Things

So, as the time approaches, various “big things” are in motion. Firstly, a redesign of proceeds apace, hopefully completing this weekend once a few minor things are ironed out. Secondly, the end of Quintessential Comedy; I’ve decided to end

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Blimey More Doctor Who!

At some point soon I hope to be able to expand beyond bits left off Kasterborous – but just a quickie to say that the three scripts for Time Leech comics are available on Part one of The Time

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Coming Up…

Balancing study with Brighthub is going remarkably well, although it seems that there is scope to increase my Brighthub output if certain situations change in the near future. We’ll have to see how this goes, of course… In between having

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Current Projects

This is a list of the work I'm currently engaged in:

  • New comic book project: Nazis vs Aliens
  • Northern Rock
  • Movie script
  • Sitcom script

Simmering away on the back burner:

  • Compiling a book of favourite recipes